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Collaboration & Partnerships
If you feel our brands align, please email me at hello(at)ashleyindc.com to discuss possible partnerships! I am always open to discussing collaborations with brands that I feel are a good fit for both me and my readers.

Disclosure & Transparency

The FTC requires the disclosure of the relationship between bloggers, product reviewers/promoters and product manufacturers. AshleyInDC.com follows these guidelines:
  • If I am compensated to do a review (whether monetarily or through a gifted product), this will be clearly stated within the post. It will also be clearly stated if a brand provides a product for a giveaway.
  • AshleyInDC.com participates in revenue-sharing with many brands and utilizes affiliate links in the following areas:
  • If you click on and/or purchase a product through a link on AshleyInDC.com, a commission may be paid to me in return for driving traffic to the brands' site. You do not and never will pay more when buying a product through any of the links on AshleyInDC.com.

Your Privacy

I will never share your personal information (including names, addresses, emails, etc.) to any third party for any reason. Period.

This page was last updated on June 30, 2014.