Friday Favorites: Pixel Art

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Lately I've been compiling a collection of my favorite pixel art prints and wanted to share them with you; I especially love those that mimic a well-known image in a modern way (see the Gone with the Wind, Mona Lisa and Beatles prints below). I love a cool take on a classic, recognizable piece.

1. Gone with the Wind by DesignedbyYoni ($38.57)
2. Pop Mosaic Tile by The Little Canopy ($16.64)
3. Mona Lisa Abstract Portrait by pikselmatic ($5.00)
4. From A Tower by Lewis Galli ($18.00)
5. Happy Pixels by Sandra Arduini ($19.00)
6. The Pixels by Troy Spino ($15.00)
7. NYC Invaders by Sabine Doberer ($19.00)
8. Pixels In Play Variation 1 by Ann Gardner ($13.52)

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